Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Calm After the Storm

I am revelling in the slow and quiet pace of life around here these days. It is amazing. I am not continually looking at the clock and racing to get more things done in a day than I have time for.

Right now, this is being done consciously as I am slowing my mind and body down so I don't get wound up into an 'overdo' mode. But later, I am wondering what I can incorporate into a new and improved lifestyle??

I love 'moving mountains' in a day ... accomplishing 'impossible things' ... a sense of accomplishment. I also love this new life of leisure. I am beginning to call this time of letting my body heal 'lazy'. I guess for the moment it is okay. But if it carries on beyond this doctor-advised time limit, it is not so great.

But for this moment, I am enjoying this state of calmness. Ahhh .... it is like taking a vacation without even leaving the house (or spending a dollar!!). I think that everyone should book themselves a brief holiday from their harried pace of life. That is a holiday that anyone should be able to afford.

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