Friday, October 10, 2008

A Happy Heart

My heart is beating with excitement, anticipation, appreciation and passion for life ...

The forced work slow-down in my daycare world, afforded me the luxury of treating the kids to a fun outing today. Something that rarely or never could happen, with my regular kid-load. I was so excited to be able to do this with/for the kids today, that this honestly felt like a day off!

I love how my heart thumps to the beat of: "Thank you ... thank you ... thank you ...". There is so much that I am grateful for. SO much! A day like this is special, but I have a life that is a little bit special every day. There are blessings sprinkled through my days.

I received a bonus from my 'Saturday job' (that I have taken a one year leave from), in acknowledgement of my 20 years of service. As soon as I saw that unexpected windfall, all I could think was "I shall dance!!". I called my dance instructor this afternoon and have set up my next few dance lessons.

As I look to the days and weeks ahead, I am eagerly anticipating what lies in store.

If you put a stethoscope to my chest, I am almost certain that you could hear ''Thank you'' beating within my heart. With every breath I take ... I am grateful.

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