Wednesday, October 8, 2008


***This was the quote attached to the Al Nelson Weitzel "Portrait of a Pinecone" that I received today, as acknowledgement for the 20 years that I have worked at the Credit Union. What a perfect expression of thanks for the years I have worked with them!
***“From a single seed may grow a mighty forest.”
A portrait of a pinecone. Every great achievement begins as a great idea. Fact is everybody has great ideas. How many times have we thought of something that might make for a great business or a unique new product only to let the ideas slip away, thinking it impractical. Then, only a short time later, that business opens down the block or that product is the basis for the latest info-mercial. Just as seeds can only grow when they are planted, ideas can only grow when given the opportunity. Next time you have the seed of a great idea, maybe you should try planting it, instead of letting it blow into somebody else’s yard. -Al Nelson Weitzel
***This is a sentiment that I've been learning to live these days. I have been following my heart and listening to ideas that feel worthy of acting on. My ideas are small and I will not become rich from them, but following through on them has enriched my life.
***This link takes you directly to the portrait that I received today, and if you click on the arrows below the picture, it takes you to other artwork and quotes from Al Nelson Weitzel. What a gift this is!

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