Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I love finding joy in small things ...

I had put off buying dish clothes and pot holders for months. I kept crossing them off my list and adding them to the bottom of the next months list because they just seemed to cost so much for such a small thing. And, what I had still worked.

I finally made it to the 'Dollarama' last week - where absolutely nothing in the store costs more than a dollar. Nothing! It is a fantastic store where a person can afford a few frivolous purchases.

And ... I found oven mitts (a dollar per mitt) and dish clothes (3 for a dollar). As I brought out another new dish cloth this morning, I got a small thrill. My other dish clothes were so ratty and not so white anymore. And I got to bring out my new dishcloth! And all it cost me was 33.33 cents!

I have been fairly diligent with the budgeting since August but I've still allowed myself some extravagances. It's funny how much more pleasure I have gotten from my 'dollar' purchases than I have from those that cost much more than a dollar.

The best things in life are cheap!

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