Friday, December 19, 2008

Is it the Caffeine or Is it Pure Joy?

I consumed a little more caffeine than usual, today. No big occasion. No company. It just tasted rather good and it really hit the spot.

I got my kids down for a nap and was out shovelling the driveway, thinking my merry little thoughts. Because I had been to the dance studio last night, my thoughts quickly drifted to dancing.

I love blogging (or is that obvious?). I love dancing. And I know that I must combine the two. I must blog about dancing. I must! I was shovelling my snow, thinking my dancing and blogging thoughts ... and wouldn't you know it. The phone rang. Who was it, you ask? It was the owner of the dance studio, curious about my blog idea and wondering if it could be added as a link on their new and upcoming website. Ohmigosh!!! It happened again! I think these thoughts ... and they materialize.

I wanted to toss my shovel and race in and start the blog. Right then and there!!! I was so thrilled. I love how I feel about dancing. I love writing. I simply can't wait to put it all together. I have ideas galore. Ideas that should put me into the studio a little bit more (video tape some group classes and splice them together ... I even have a theme song picked out!). I'd love to do little mini biographies of students and let it be known that people of all walks of life are drawn to dancing for a variety of reasons. I'd like to write about the little stuff, the big stuff and everything in between.

My 'dance blog' idea ... I rather aggressively pursued that by dropping off an envelope at the dance studio (with my thoughts on dancing, ideas about blogging and a DVD with video clips and a photo slide show of October's dance showcase), back in October. Not that I need anyone's okay to write what I want to write about, but because I would really like to highlight the dance studio. It is the dynamics of the studio that has greatly influenced my desire to pursue this passion. And he picked today to let me know he was curious about what I had in mind. I set the wheels in motion! I'm becoming an active participant in my life and I'm enjoying the ride!

I am intoxicated with life right now. I have dared to dream this past year. I've put myself out on a ledge, made some of my dreams reality and I'm chasing others. I have a 10 year plan. I can visualize it. I can almost feel myself living it.

I visualized 'a cheque in the mail' and got that and then some (see previous blog entry). The sky is the limit!

From the Field of Dreams:
"If you build it, they will come"

From me:
"If you cook it, they will come"
"If you write it, they will read it"
"If you believe anything is possible ... it is!"

I believe in miracles. And I believe that this elation is pure joy. The caffeine was just an excuse to let my thoughts go wild.

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