Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Not My Time To Go!

When I wrote the entry "It's Been a Charmed Year" the day before my big holiday adventure, I was spooked.

I was flying off, leaving my family and home behind and placing my life in the hands of others. I felt that things were out of my control and it was scary. I was feeling so happy and my life felt so great that if my world was to stop ... it would have ended perfectly. My 'story' was a good one.

As I felt my concerns wane, I knew that I had only wrapped up another chapter of my life. I was ready and eager to start living the next one. There was far too much ahead of me to think that my 'book' had ended. I was safe and secure in my faith that all that was good and my story would continue.

Then ... last night as I unfolded the hide a bed so that we could stretch out and comfortably watch a movie, I was embarrassed to find crumbs, food and dirt everywhere. And that was just one small area of my house. My housekeeping has been put on a back burner and I'm sure that there is dust and dirt in every nook and cranny of my home.

It was then that I knew it for a fact. It is not my time to go ... my work here on earth is not complete. I need to clean my house first!!!

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