Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 to 4

My new job begins today.

I will have defined hours of work, regular holidays, a stable pay cheque, lunch breaks (even coffee breaks!), benefits, holidays and (drum roll please) co-workers!

I have been rather isolated in my work environments the past 13 years.

During my daycare days, I was on my own. Thankfully, I had parents walk in and out of my days so I didn't lack for adult company. But the workload was mine and mine alone.

My Saturday employment during that period was what I classified as 'adult time'. I spent six hours each Saturday working with and among people. I just happened to get paid for that privilege.

Going back to school was the reintroduction of people into my days. Yet it was still a very solitary existence. The room was full of people, but each of us were working independently on our individual studies. Talking within the classroom environment was discouraged. But there was a short lunch period where I had a taste of being back among people. I liked it ...

Bookkeeping from my home was a solo venture. Once again, I was solely responsible for the work that was done. In the beginning, there was a lot of flexibility as to how I accomplished that task. I found ways to keep a balance between isolation and contact with the outside world. There were ways in which I could bring people into my days and still complete the tasks at hand.

Bookkeeping outside of my home was the beginning of the end, at my last job. Not only was I completely isolated during my work day ... but conversation with my superiors was stressful. I cringed when I knew I had to ask a question because I had no idea how they would respond. As much as I disliked working alone upstairs in among the diesel parts and furnace ... I much preferred that, to being plunked into the middle of the chaos of their workspace downstairs.

My most recent attempt at a New Job was 90% positive. My co-workers were young, encouraging, friendly and helpful. The customers were pleasant and easy going 99% of the time. I was thrilled to be in among people. Despite the pressures of a fast paced work environment, it was the contact with people that brought a smile to my face and satisfaction to my days.

I have completed those chapters of my life. I have reviewed them and I am ready to take the lessons learned and move forward.

I crave stability and structure within my work environment. I absolutely loved working from home ... but it is time to venture back into the vastness of the work-world around me. From everything that I have seen within my Brand New Work Environment, I believe that I have found what I have been searching for.

I will work 8 to 4, Monday to Friday. I will be part of a team. I will  have a defined job description. I will have training and support to get through the transition. Most of all ... my days of isolation are over. I'm ready.

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