Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Early Morning Musings

I start to work at 6:00 a.m. at New Job #1. Once I get started at New Job #2, this start time is scheduled to change to 5:30 a.m. I am a morning person, so I thought to myself "Why not get paid for it?" But this is severely hampering my morning blogging habits.

I have exactly ten minutes to squeeze in time to write. I can easily spend ten minutes rereading, editing and revising each post that I write. So it has become my (new) habit, to write fast and edit later.

I am five days in to my New Job #1. It is a challenging place to work (at least it is for a beginner), because the pace is fast, fast, fast. Customers have learned to expect speed, accuracy and friendliness. The entire focus of this job is on the customer. I love it.

As the reality of New Job #2 is seeping in, I am wondering "What if I am unable to do both jobs?" I am hoping that no matter what transpires, I can find a way to continue to follow the path that I've been forging at New Job #1 this past week.

Yes. One week is behind me. Some processes are beginning to run on auto pilot mode. My brain, hands and body are starting to become 'one' at my New Place of Employment. I love when I gain the security that comes from repetition, repetition, repetition.

Which brings me to one other piece of my life where repetiton has allowed me to run on auto pilot. Dancing.

I talked to my dance instructor yesterday. I have promised to go to the group classes on Thursday. I have high hopes that once my finances settle into a state of knowing what income I will have, that my private dance lessons will find their way back into my budget. The lesson of cutting corners this past month can be carried forward so that I can find a way to afford to dance.

Security and contentment in my days is coming. Laughter and joy at the dance studio is around the corner. It is all coming together ...

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