Friday, August 19, 2011

There Is a Place Where I Can Multitask!

I went to a dance class last night.

Granted, it was not a class where I had to scratch my head and challenge myself too far beyond my abilities. It was a class where there were people of all stages of the learning curve.

It was a class that I needed to attend.

Lately, I have been scrutinizing my thinking processes and have quite honestly become quite frightened at the state of my brain. My ability to multitask, absorb new information and keep more than one instruction in my head at a time has been challenged to the max.

I have been forgetful, overwhelmed and sluggish in my abilities. I have reached a point where I am tired of my own company because of this newfound state of mental unrest.

Then I went dancing.

I was in a setting that is motivating, comforting and reminds me of the person that I used to be. I was among people that I know. I was doing something that I love to do. I was reminded of the many, many times where I have become overwhelmed within those happy and safe walls. I remembered the many, many times where I overcame those feelings of fear, apprehension and anxiety.

I thought of all of my new colleagues. I pictured each and every one of them being plunked into that dance studio and confronted with a brand new learning curve. I was comforted by the fact that I am not alone. Everyone has something to learn. No one walks into a new place of employment and knows everything they need to know. No one walks into a dance studio knowing all that there is to learn.

I will not feed my anxiety with all that I cannot do right now. Instead, I shall picture my colleagues in the dance studio and remember that each and everyone of us has something to learn in life. Presently, I am on the steep end of a long learning curve. But I learned to dance. I will learn this too.

Dancing is based on learning the basics and layering new information on top of what you have learned. It is one of the most fun ways to enhance your multitasking abilities that I know of.

If I can learn dance ... I can do anything. And I will. Absolutely!!

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