Monday, September 5, 2011

An Accidental Day

There is nothing I like better than a spur of the moment day. Yesterday, looking at a grid map of Our Province was the catalyst for a most excellent afternoon.

My Middle Son commented that he had recently driven down the highway to my childhood farm. I immediately tried to pinpoint where I had once lived. I wistfully commented that we should go for a Sunday drive out there before the weather turns on us. He replied "What about now?" I answered "Sure!"

It was that easy.

Conversation was easy. As we turned onto the minor highway that would take us back home, I got quiet as I tried to orientate myself and grasp the few memories I have left from that piece of the highway.

Then we came to (what used to be) the country store at the top of a big hill. The landmark that told me that we had arrived.

The next right was the road to where Dad's oldest brother had lived ... further along to the left is where my cousin and wife have made a home ... just beyond where we turned to drive to our family farm is where my childhood friend (that had recently joined me on an Alaskan Cruise) had grown up.

We were almost there. To the left is where another childhood friend had lived ... and then we turned into our approach. I was home.

The house is gone and the playhouse has almost completely fallen over. There are a few buildings left from when we lived there but for the most part, all that is left is the memories.

We lived in a spot where we were surrounded by rolling hills. We climbed The Big Hill and appreciated the view.

My Son looked into my past and saw what it could be. I looked into the same horizon and remembered what was.

Memories. The place where Mom & Dad started out and raised a family. Home.

We drove down the trail that led to where Dad's brother once lived. This is the same farm where my grandparents lived. It is the place that Dad's brothers fondly recall as 'home'.

We managed to cross paths with my cousin and chatted for a bit. We drove up the road and visited with another cousin for a while.

It was so easy. It felt so right. I'm so grateful that My Son appreciates these roots and his family. It not only felt like I belonged in this scenario ... but My Son felt like another important piece to the puzzle. He gets it.

Roots. Family. History.

Embrace your past, cherish your family, appreciate your history and make your own way.

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