Friday, September 23, 2011

As Good as You Are

"As good as you are
And as bad as I am ...
I am as good as you are,
As bad as I am"
~Author Unknown~
One of my mom's many quotable quotes

I am nearing the end of a pile of scrap paper that I use to scribble down lists and notes to myself. This morning, I found the above notation scribbled on the back of one of those pieces of paper. Thanks to another notation that I made on the same scrap, my detective skills have deduced that this piece of paper has been sitting idle on my counter for over a year.

This morning, these words found their way to me. At a time when I could really use a little quiet encouragement from my mom (without her worrying that goes along with that gift) ... I found just what I needed.

Inspiring words have been finding their way to my consciousness a lot lately. Am I simply noticing and absorbing what I need? Or are these words finding their way to me by some Divine intervention?

Possibly a little of each. But I choose to believe in Divine intervention. Words are powerful things. Used wisely, they carry the ability to make great changes.

It is time to make some of the change going on in my world into Great Change.

As bad as I am, I am as good as anyone else. With that little piece of wisdom, I shall go forth and have a Great Friday! ("Thanks, Mom")

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