Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Stop Improving

I have started watching live TV once again.

For years and years, I taped my favorite programs and fast forwarded through the commercials. Then came the ability to watch missed episodes of  'my shows' online and once again I was not interupted (much) with advertisements.

I can stare at a TV ad and not see, hear or absorb a thing. I have managed to enjoy an advertisement and not have a clue what they are advertising.

Last night, something different happened. I saw this:

I not only saw the ad ... but I remembered the name of the company and the motto was (to me) clearly a winner. "Don't Stop Improving"

This advertisement not only made me want to dance through my life ... but to go out and move a wall while I'm at it! It was also a fun reminder - to never stop improving.

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