Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was a perfect mixture of fun, friendship, family and free time to work in what needed to be done.

Last minute tickets to a sold-out play provided an evening of friendship, laughter and a short drive out of the city.

Checking out the grid road map of our province resulted in a purely spontaneous day-trip.

A phone call led to a thoroughly enjoyable visit with a friend.

There was time to run errands, time to wrap up the memories of the week and mail them off to my mom, time to spend with my family and time to appreciate a 'heroic' moment when My Youngest was the one to find a lost dog.

When we discovered the dogs had escaped from the yard, I felt utter dismay and dispair. One dog was home before we even knew she had been gone. It was the little one that was missing. My son's girlfriend's dog. It was akin to the feeling of losing someone else's child.

We took off in different directions. I asked each and every person that I saw out on the street, if they had seen our missing dog. The trail was cold. I was losing hope.

Then I got the call. My Youngest saved the day and was returning home with the Lost Pup when my son's girlfriend found them.

The lost had been found and the weekend ended as perfectly as it began.

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