Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Snow Tires

One of the things that excites me about my new job is the ability to walk to work. On the other hand, one of the things that challenges me the most is the need to find the appropriate walking gear.

The first two weeks were fine. I could wear my wide open sandals. My feet were unencumbered and happy. I walked to and from work, twice a day with no foot complaints.

Last week (dress codes are in place now that school has started) was another story.

I wore my dressiest shoes (rather ugly black, size 8W, Dr Scholl's) for two days. Despite using up half of a box of blister bandages, I ended up with a blood blister (half the size of my little toe) that prevented me from wearing any other shoe (except my sandals) for the rest of the week. I missed a dance lesson because it would have been impossible to wear any shoe which touched my tender toe.

My bunions were red and raw, but it was my little toe that took the brunt of the two days in shoes.

Healed and ready to go for another week, yesterday I pulled out my running shoes so that I could walk to work in those and change my footwear once I arrived. I thought that would be the answer.

After one day, the corns on my tender foot were tender and inflamed.

I have an old pair of (uglier) Dr Scholl's, with holes in the soles that I shall dig out (when I find a pair of shoes that does not irritate my tender tootsies, I tend to keep them around) in an attempt to get through the week.

I am saving a small fortune in gas because I can walk to work. The wear and tear on the car will be minimal as it remains parked throughout the week. It would be crazy to start up the car in -40 degree weather to drive five minutes. So I must solve this minor dilemma.

Winter is coming. I will need protective foot gear to get me through snow, ice and cold. I will need to invest in a pair of shoes that will not only protect me from the elements ... but not irritate my feet.

I am need of 'Snow Tires' for my feet. As challenging as shoe shopping is for me, I am beginning to think that tire shopping would be a lot less stressful.

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