Monday, October 3, 2011

24 Hours

This past weekend, a very good sister-friend (my ex husband's sister) drove 5 hours to come and spend some time with my family.

She is one connection to my older children's father that has weathered the storms and survived. Not only intact, but stronger.

I watched her, watching her nephews/my sons and absorbing every morsel of who they are, where they have been, where they could go, the family resemblances and traits that remind her of her own children. I listened to the words she spoke and heard her wisdom, her heart ache and the perspective that she brought with her, and into our world.

It was a wonderful weekend. A weekend that made a difference in the lives of at least four people ... with the potential to spark small changes that help to heal some old wounds and bring a family just a little closer together. One small step at a time.

She spent just over 24 hours with us. But the whispers of the time that she spent with her nephews will linger long after ...

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