Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Day of Cookies, Take Out, Dill Pickle Chips and Skittles

Ooooo ... my stomach. Yesterday was not a good food day.

It all started because the prior evening, I had promised to take My Youngest to McDonald's for breakfast, after a bright and early run to WalMart for a video game that he desperately wanted.

I slept in. He was still sleeping and I didn't want to ruin my appetite for our upcoming breakfast, so I didn't make my regularly scheduled breakfast smoothie.

Big mistake. I got a little munchie while I waited for him to wake up ... so I ate the last three chocolate chunk cookies.

Three hours later than planned (and one stomach-full of chocolate chunk cookies), we finally picked up our breakfast. I wasn't hungry but I knew that if I sacrificed that meal (now more like brunch), I'd be nibbling all afternoon. So I ate.

Well ... the thing about McDonald's, is that it seems to open the door to my cravings. I held off as long as I was talking on the phone (I had a few very enjoyable phone-visits yesterday) ... but sometime around 4:00, I started surveying the household for the opinion about supper. The consensus seemed to be that it would be a fend-for-yourself night.

Yee haw!! The remnants of a bag of dill pickle chips was calling my name ... (I ate far, far too much sugar the day before and all that I could think about before I went to bed that night is "I need salt". So I grabbed a bag of chips and crawled into bed [I didn't want to disturb the quiet of the house by turning on the TV in the living room]).

Anyway ... I polished off what remained in the chip bag and opened another. Having satisfied my salt cravings, I moved onto a new food group. Sugar. There was a fresh, new bag of Skittles sitting in the closet. Certainly a few of those would stave off starvation ...

It was some time after this little 'party' that I realized that I had not heard My Youngest rummaging in the kitchen for supper at any time during the supper related hours. Thankfully, we had just enough left overs from our chicken supper the prior evening to satisfy his hunger and nutritional requirements. No cooking required on my part.

This little junk-food-fest was preceded by 'Sunday' ... where the dessert temptations at a buffet lunch with my sister set my sugar cravings to high. Then, returning home in time to cook supper ... I ate four chocolate chunk cookies while I peeled the potatoes for our Sunday Supper. Thus, I wasn't terribly hungry for the main meal ... nor the extra-large pumpkin pie that My Oldest brought over for dessert (but of course, I ate an ultra large slice of pie to be polite). Then ... I went to my aunts, where I easily resisted all food temptations ... until I was offered a home made pecan tart just before I walked out the door. All that sugar intake led to the salt craving (see 'dill pickle chip paragraph #7).

Oh. My. Achin'. Stomach.

I am quite relieved that regularly scheduled life will mean the return of eating habits as-I-know-them. My stomach needs a rest.

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