Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making a Difference

I saw it with my own eyes. I heard it first hand. 'This' is what they had been talking about ...

It took but mere seconds. I saw the defeat in the teacher's eye. The sullenness of the student who was following her. The utter disrespect in the student's manner and words.

The student was ushered into the assistant Principal's office. I thought that is where it would end.

I listened to my thoughts and remembered what I had been told about some of the students. This is early in the school year. I supposed that situations such as these (and this was minor), could taint a person's view if this became the norm. Day after day, month after month, year after year ...

But it didn't end there.

Later in the day, the Principal had the student apologize to the office staff who were witness to her behavior. Anyone can say "I'm sorry". But what impressed me the most, is that the student made eye contact and was sincere with her words. What impressed me just as much, was the immediate words of forgiveness within the office group.

I was in a different office the next day, when I crossed paths with this student once again. She was nothing but respectful. She was treated with nothing but respect and dignity. She reacted in kind.

It is too easy to react to the outward display of another person. It takes time and genuine compassion to find what is triggering the negative actions. It is a two way street.

I have no idea what was said or what transpired behind closed doors. I do know that I felt a positive transformation within a young and vulnerable soul. Whatever was said, allowed this to happen.

My hat goes off to those who make a difference in the life of another. I am blessed to be working in an environment where I am surrounded by a group that is working together and looking for the best solution for each individual. Working within this group inspires me to live up to their example.

They make a difference. One student at a time.

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