Monday, October 31, 2011

New Week ... New Hope

The week is starting out right. I just got called in to work a full shift at an elementary school today.

Though working at a different school every time that I get called in creates its own set of stresses, I know that this is part of the learning curve. I am learning so much more than just 'the job'.

I have the opportunity to work in many different scenarios, with different staff and different dynamics at play. I choose to see this as 'shopping' for the (eventual) full-time position of my choosing.

I am taking tentative steps towards my future. A destination that I was convinced was 'the one' a few short weeks ago. One idle week at home (waiting for the phone to ring), placed all sorts of doubt in my mind.

I was 'tested' many, many times throughout my daycare career. Families would come and go. I would look ahead and question my ability to pay the bills. I had choices. I always chose to forge ahead with my decision to work from home. Each and every time that I firmly decided within myself to persevere, I was rewarded. Opportunities arose that allowed me to not only keep doing what I chose to do ... but allowed me the luxury of paying the bills.

Yesterday, I made the firm decision within myself to keep going in the direction that I knew was what I believed to be in my best interests. Now and in the future.

I shook off the pressure of deciding an alternate route. I don't have the energy, stamina nor self-esteem to choose an alternate direction right now. Especially because I already thought I was on the right path.

I still believe that I am on the correct highway. I have the opportunity to check out the side roads before I commit to following them to the end.

I am going to enjoy and make the most of this journey.

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