Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Return of Peripheral Vision

This past week has widened my vantage point and I am starting to feel and experience the world around me once again.

I feel the outside world breaking through the barriers and drawing me back into living life instead of just getting through it.

I have been wandering through these past months with tunnel vision. I have narrowed my line of vision and focused my attention into work. And little else.

A friend called last week. She needed to talk, to vent and to bounce her thoughts off of a neutral party. She needed reassurance as she wades through the trials and tribulations of 'life'.

As I listened, empathized and eventually wound up giving her a bit of a pep talk, I felt myself starting to come back to life. It is through giving, that much is received.

Since then, I have found myself on the giving end of a friendship a handful of times. Each time I am touched by a friend in need of a friend, it expands my peripheral vision and I start to feel like I am living again.

There has been so much going on in my life that I have not focused on lately. Tunnel vision is like the blinders (blinkers) that they put on race horses. They are designed to reduce stimuli and increase performance. I have needed to narrow my focus ... but much has been lost by living the past few months of my life without peripheral vision.

The time has come to remove the blinders and see the entirety of the world around me. It is time to unearth the common sense that has been lost in the process of learning. The time has come to find my sense of humor and laugh at myself instead of beating myself up.

Peripheral vision + common sense + a sense of humor = An equation for living life fully

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