Monday, October 24, 2011

Soundtrack of My Weekend

"Invincible" was the theme song of my recent road trip. I found the song playing on several channels as I headed West on my little retreat. The chorus spoke to me and I was soothed by the melody. The reason I took this last minute vacation was to 'detox' and 'destress' after the past few months. I needed to come back 'invincible' ...

I had the radio on during the entire drive. I switched channels incessantly. I needed fun, upbeat songs that made me want to dance. I steered away from the radio stations that played music from the past. I questioned why I didn't want to listen to the 'oldies' ... and as the miles went on, I had an epiphany. I am tired of looking back. Old songs carry memories and take me back to where I used to be. I don't want to go back. I am looking ahead. I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Top 20 Countdown' to songs that have no history for me. I had my eyes on the road and a sunny, bright future ahead.

I found it rather ironic that (since I switched channels when the music started taking me back in time) as I took a turn towards my first destination (to visit with a friend that I've known since Grade 6) an 'April Wine' song started to play. This friend and I lived and breathed 'April Wine' during our teen years. We have not seen a lot of each other in the recent past, so I just smiled as the theme band of our teens serenaded me as I drove into the city where she now resides.

I didn't spend much time driving once I arrived at my destination. I stayed at a hotel right next door to a restaurant and my friends came to me. The music stopped playing and the world was quiet. I savored the visits with my friends at a restaurant that is synonymous with 'happy times' for all of us.

My next destination was to meet My Brother for coffee. We had our coffee in a favorite coffee-spot and as I drove off after our visit, "U2" was playing on the radio. Not only my brother's favorite band ... but the song that he chose for his wedding dance. Once again, I marvelled at the mystical timing of the weekend's soundtrack.

Once I got to my mom's home, the music stopped. Words carried us through the day and evenings ahead. It was only when I jumped in the car to head back home, that the soundtrack continued.

I gassed up and turned the car eastward. I was headed  home. And what song should start to play on the radio? "I've Got a Feeling" - the 'theme song' from my Great Dance Adventure a few February's ago. A song that encapsulates 'happy thoughts' and savoring the moment. The theme song of 'everything good' in my world. The words "Tonight's gonna be a good night ..." sang to me, as I headed East and towards home.

I was a half hour away from home when "Tonight's gonna be a good night ..." emanated from my car's stereo speakers one more time. I was almost home ... and it was going to be a good night.

I am home. I have returned with a state of calmness within. I have no idea what is around the next corner ... but not knowing is easier than the state of 'knowing' lately.

Last night was a good night. I slept through the night. Soundly. I woke up this morning. Peaceful. This state of 'being' could change with one phone call. I am now on-call as a substitute secretary. I could end up at any school in the city. Every day will be a first day. But ... it will lead me to a better place than I have been.

The soundtrack of the weekend-past has lifted me up and will carry me through the unknowns. I feel stronger and ready to face the world again. I feel invincible.

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