Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Everything Works

When our cars start at the turn of the key ... when our furnace or air conditioners turn on at the flick of a switch ... when our computers start up without a hitch ... when we turn on a light switch and the light goes on ... when all that we expect ... happens ... we think 'this is how life should be'. We may take what we have for granted.

When we have a job to go to and receive a pay cheque for our efforts ... we sometimes forget what it is like to be unemployed.

When life is easy and each day unfolds into the next without effort or design ... we may not remember to appreciate how good we have it.

When our bodies work the way they were designed to function and no outside interference is required to live our lives ... we may forget to appreciate how blessed we are to have our health.

How many times have I let little things get me down? The dryer quit the day after I had the hard drive on the computer replaced and the day after that, the computer desk broke. Woe is me. Life happened.

How many times have I complained about my job lately? Yes. A book could be written about my work sagas. But I am working!! What am I complaining about?

How many times have I woken up with fear and apprehension about the day ahead? Not many. Life has thrown me a few curve balls. But I wake up in the morning with a fair idea of what to expect. I am rarely disappointed.

How many times do I fear that my body or the body of a loved one is failing? Sometimes ... but it has been a rare occurrence when the world of modern medicine hasn't been able to repair, cure, stabilize or manage the symptoms so life goes on (perhaps with some modification) as expected.

My life is touched by many people who have not had this same good fortune. Without even trying, I have too many examples of families struggling with health issues that pop to the forefront of my mind.

No one knows what tomorrow holds in store ... but there are some who face their tomorrows from a different perspective.

When everything in our lives goes according to plan ... we sometimes forget to acknowledge the little things.

When our security is threatened and we face challenges ... we are much more likely to say a silent prayer of thanks.

It shouldn't take the threat of losing 'life as you know it' to appreciate what you have. Every day. Little things.

A home to shelter us. Food to nourish us. Fresh air to breathe (and the ability to breathe unassisted).

When the sun shines upon us and graces us with warmth and security, we are blessed.

When our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones work without medical intervention ... we have been given more than money can buy.

Today ... I am grateful for my health and the health of those that touch my life. More importantly, my heart goes out to those that would give anything to wake up to a day where life goes (somewhat) according to plan.

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