Monday, November 21, 2011

Chips Make Crummy Bedfellows

My mom thought my niece was exaggerating when she mentioned the pure joy of eating chips and dip in bed and just enjoying the guilty pleasure of it all ...

I assured my mom that my niece was in all likelihood being 100% truthful. Because I have done the same.

One of the joys of being single are that there are absolutely no rules when it comes to things such as this. Last night was one of those nights.

I had been craving chips for weeks. I finally jumped on the chance to fulfill that craving and bought some chips yesterday afternoon.

I came home, put away groceries, ran out to see a movie, returned home just in time for supper, watched the end of "Pacific" with my Middle Son (while savoring the cheesecake which we had for dessert), showered and tended to that-which-needed-tending before I could finally call it a night ... and the chips were calling my name.

I was almost finished reading a book that I started on Saturday and I knew that climbing in bed with the book would be 'lights out' for me. Unless ... I grabbed those chips!

Mmmm!! Chips in bed. The perfect way to end a most wonderful weekend!

Until I woke up this morning and felt crumbs ... everywhere.

I must have dropped one chip. And rolled around on it. All night. There was little evidence of a chip left. Just chip-dust. And the unmistakable grease blot which told me that it was not a leaky pillow. It was most definitely a chip that caused the mess.

My stomach feels a little bit off this morning after chowing down on chips until I could eat (nor stay awake) no longer.

Which leads me to my Life Lesson of the day: "Chips ... Make Crummy Bedfellows".

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