Friday, November 4, 2011


I found my way to a new blog yesterday.

Undomestic Diva has set forth a 30 day challenge of doing one thing a day that scares you. As if waking up in the morning and facing work these past few months hasn't been frightening enough for me! I was intrigued ...

This month's theme of a regular monthly newsletter that I receive was "Courage". It spoke of courage in many forms, but what spoke loudest to me was the courage that it takes to make decisions in a time of self doubt. When you wake up in the middle of the night and the challenges you will face when the sun rises in the morning feel insurmountable ...

The newsletter quoted the "8 Tips to Build Courage" from (I have condensed these, but this is a quote from the article above - to read in full, click on the title):
  1. Understand that in difficult situations, there are always choices.
  2. Have the courage to move away from people who think negatively, who want to pull down your ideas.
  3. Do not let your fears become bigger than reality.
  4. Go back to your core values.
  5. Build up your courage step by step.
  6. Indulge in quiet confidence.
  7. Savor the struggle.
  8. Be original.
I came home and dug out an article that changed my life. "66 Ways to Build Courage" by Christine Kane. I highly recommend clicking on this link and considering a few of her suggestions.
I can feel it stirring. The urge to face my fears and feel victorious over my life again.
Perhaps I don't have complete control over my work situation. But that is no reason for it to make me feel powerless in all other facets of my life.
If I seek out and find my inner confidence, it will shine through no matter where I am.
I am tired of feeling like the Cowardly Lion! It is time to seek out and find that the courage that I have been lacking, has been within me all along.
I am going to accept the 30 day challenge. I have gotten off to a late start, but as I said before ... I believe I deserve credit for facing the unknowns of my new role as a substitute secretary.
Yesterday? What did I do that scared me? For supper, I ate the chili that had been in the refrigerator for over two weeks. Then ... I went dancing. I believe that should count for two!
Today? I am off to see the Wizard ... I am in search of my courage. And I believe that I shall find it in bits and pieces as I make my way along this yellow brick road.

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