Thursday, November 10, 2011


I had high hopes for yesterday ... but the day did not go as I expected.

#1 - I arrived at work one hour late. Actually, it was only 45 minutes late. But I thought I was 15 minutes early. The Automatic Dispatch System said I was to start work at 9:00. In reality, they expected me there at 8:00.

I thought that I came in early, to have time to smooth out the snags that always arise when 'every day is a new day'. But I was late. I was disappointed.

I could have used the extra hour's pay. I would have enjoyed not jumping into the day with both feet, but having a gradual escalation of busy-ness and time to learn a few more tips and tricks to make the day go better.

No one could really be angry at me for being late. But I was still disappointed. I questioned the start-time. But I did not call to confirm. Next time? I will.

#2 - The long anticipated training session was 'too little, too late'.

Everyone in this department appears to be new in their job. The person teaching the class knows his job ... but knowing and teaching are two different skills.

He did well, but it is unfortunate that they didn't have any type of manual or hand outs for us to take back with us.

He was limited as to what he could show us, because he was working with a real, live school. So he could not mess with the data to show us real-life scenarios. Or go beyond Step One in a ten step process.

I didn't have the same 'permissions' on my computer as everyone else did. So I had to watch instead of learning by doing.

I was commiserating about my day with my Youngest Son last night. "They sure don't teach very well at this job." Hmmm. I'm working at a school and they don't have an organized method of training. Ironic.

I got through the night by ticking off the must-do chores around the house. Laundry - done. Dishes - washed and put away. Shower - complete. At least I felt in control of my 'job' here at home. My work for the day was done.

I sat down at the end of a very long day and was less than satisfied with the way I felt at the end of it all. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't good. It was just a 'Wednesday' to tick off the to-do-list of the week. I had gotten through three out of four working days.

I am grateful that tomorrow is a holiday. That makes today the last work-day I must endure. The good thing about today, is that I have no expectations. It is easy to have a good day when you expect nothing. I am sure that is why yesterday felt so 'off'. I expected too much.

Here is to a day where I shall expect nothing.

 "Blessed are those who expect nothing. For they shall not be disappointed."
~ Unknown

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