Friday, November 25, 2011

The Gift is in the Giving

Thoughts are many ... but words are few this morning. It is a morning where small miracles are at the forefront of my mind.

Simple things like:
  •  Waking up to a day where I have the luxury of living a day that is not unlike most of the days that preceded it.
  • A day blessed by good health and the health and happiness of my loved ones.
  • Feeling safe, happy, secure and content not only in my home and within my family ... but a general sense of feeling good about where I am 'at' in this world.
  • Being in a position to 'give'. As this Christmas season rolls around, I am thinking less of buying presents and more about giving.
I am coasting through life at the moment. Life is easy. There are few surprises. Some may call this boring. I call it 'blessed'.

The state of living an expected life can change in a moment. I will appreciate what I have, while I have it ... and do my best to share what I have to give.

I have a lot left over at the end of a day. It is time to push myself out of what is easy and do something with the excess.

The true gift is in the giving.

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