Monday, November 14, 2011

It Looks Like He's Made It

I went out for supper with My Oldest last night. And it was good.

It wasn't the food (though the food was good). It was his aura. His sense of self, sense of happy and his inner sense of confidence.

It has been just over two years since his world was shaken up and the ground beneath him gave way. It hasn't been easy. It has been a process.

Slowly but surely, he has rebuilt not only his 'life' ... but himself.

What I saw last night didn't appear to be something that could be taken away from him. I felt and saw something deeper than superficial glory.

It isn't one piece of his life that has come together. It is many different pieces that complete the whole. Work, home, family/friends/neighbors and self worth.

He is stronger now than ever before.

I asked him to look back at himself before this whole 'rebuilding' process began. He had what he thought was a pretty good life back then. "But ..." he said, "I wasn't happy."

This hasn't come easy. That which is worth having ... is worth working for. It is also something to strive to hold onto.

Life is full of lessons. The more confident and satisfied you feel about yourself, the better equipped you are to deal with what lies ahead.

Strive to attain a sense of self that 'nothing' or 'no one' can take away from you. Not only must you become strong ... you must stay strong!

You are on your way.

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