Monday, November 7, 2011

One Dog, Two Inches of Snow and 24 Hours

After supper last night, my Son asked me to come and look at the paw prints in our back yard.

His dog is a mixture of Border Collie and German Shepard. She has more energy than any dog I have known. But she has slowed down. A lot. Or so I thought, until I saw how many tracks she made in the snow during the day yesterday.

She was in the yard alone. Her partner-in-crime and usual yard-mate (a chihuahua) was holidaying for the weekend. So these tracks mark the miles that she made. By herself. Without human or dog influence. This is just a day-in-her-life. Just check out where she went yesterday:

Even the top of her dog house was not off limits.

One dog did this? By herself?

On patrol - no corner of the yard was untouched.

Yes, Sadie. Aren't you svelte!? Your work-out routine really works!

Proud of her hard day's work.

I am grateful that there is no 'snow' in the house to mark the miles that I make during the day. From the computer, to the kitchen, to the couch and back. All day.

Maybe it's time to get a pedometer and race to put accumulate more steps than Sadie does in a day ...

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