Monday, November 28, 2011

A Quiet Weekend at Home

It was a productive weekend. Or so I thought, until I sat down and thought about what I had accomplished.

I did start and complete a few small projects. I have followed through on a few of my Christmas goals. I have issued an invitation and accepted another.

I talked with a few people on the phone. I ran one quick errand.

I cooked two meals yesterday! Hey ... on further thought, we didn't eat out all weekend so I must have scavenged for food around here Friday and Saturday too.

I finished a few crossword puzzles. I sent off a handful of emails. I wrote a letter. I read two pages in a book ...

Why do I feel like I accomplished so much, when in reality all I did was putter?

Because I used to putter constantly. I propelled myself through a day by continually moving and doing. Something. Anything.

Moving through a day in a state of perpetual motion feels good. Things get done.

This weekend, very little interrupted the slow and quiet flow of my days.

It felt wonderful to be home. To stay home. To know that I didn't need to be running here and there.

I was quiet. I wrote a little, thought a little and talked a little. But for the most part, thoughts simply flowed in and out of my head like a quiet breeze.

I didn't have to 'be' anything to anyone.

My Youngest and I quietly co-existed in the house all weekend. We chatted a little now and again. I invited him to come and watch a movie with me Saturday night but he declined. He needs very little from me these days ... but it feels good to quietly share the same space. In peace and harmony.

This past weekend was idyllic. As were the weekends preceding it. In reflecting, my weekends seem to be a continual state of movement. I have been so busy with 'being', 'doing' and 'going' that I haven't had time to appreciate the simplicity of just being home.

Working outside of my home five days a week, working in and around people all day, learning new faces and a new job is exhausting. I haven't had the energy nor ambition to push myself out of my comfort zone after work. Because I am 'there' all day. Friends and family have rallied at my side. I have not walked this path alone.

So this past weekend of (almost) solitude ... was just what the doctor ordered. I thoroughly enjoyed the simple pleasure of a quiet weekend at home.

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