Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two Days in a Row

Not only two consecutive days of work ... but two days of working at the same location.

It is my hope that all of the phone calls that I made yesterday (to allow me to sign on, work and print at a new location) will not be necessary today.

I know a few names and several faces at the school.

I have a feel for the routine of the day.

And ...  the school's regular part-time secretary will work with me this morning. I may have a little guidance to fill in a few of the gaps of all that I didn't know yesterday.

Two days in a row is good. I aspire to obtain a week-long assignment. From there, I can hope for a temporary, full-time position. If and when I latch onto a permanent, full-time job (and pass all of the required probationary periods),  I will have it made in the shade.

It may take a while to get from here to there. But I will appreciate it so much more when I get there. The struggles along the way will make victory that much sweeter.

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