Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What You Think About

What you think about you bring about.” 
~ Anonymous

My thoughts have overruled my life lately. It seems that I have let myself become consumed with work and much of what is out of my control.

This time last year, I was consumed with Zumba, 'Dancing With the Stars', planning an Alaskan Cruise holiday and the Afterglow of a most excellent birthday.

This year? I am consumed with my job, sore toes, budgeting and simply 'feeling my age'.

Zumba? I must fix my feet and buy new shoes first.

Dancing? The budget speaks volumes. Lack of dancing partners. Lacking a 'goal' ...

Holidays? That one is being placed on hold as our family is planning a group holiday in 2013.

Birthday? That was still good. It's just that it has given me a benchmark to compare how I felt this time last year (young, full of fun and life!) and this year. Older.

It is time to change what I am thinking about!

I have an appointment to 'fix my feet' on Saturday! The budget is looking better than anticipated for December (I have been working almost full-time since I have been on the substitute secretary list). I have a little bit of a 'Dream Fund' so I can start thinking about a future holiday. My age? What I think about, I bring about!

It is time to think of myself as the person I want to be. To get moving. To set small, attainable goals. And dream that anything is possible.

It is time to start chasing rainbows again ...

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