Saturday, December 3, 2011

It is Time ...

It's time to deck some halls and turn on some 'holly jolly'!

Christmas Eve is three weeks from today. What can I do within that time frame to get into the holiday spirit?

I can write some letters and send some cards. The Christmas card exchange has always been my favorite part of the Christmas season. Last year I cheated myself out of what brings me the most happiness. I must send cards this year.

Lights and a little bit of Christmas glitter. I don't like too much. But I like a little. I love turning on the Christmas lights at night and early morning and leaving all other lights off. It makes me happy. Lights are easy. I will put up some lights.

Music. I enjoy my Rosie's Christmas CD's and have a holly jolly time singing and dancing away to the sounds of music. Music will play in the background of my life.

Gatherings. The gathering of friends and family brings joy to my life. At Christmas time, spring time, summer time ... any time. Being among people is a good thing any time of year. So why not add that to my Christmas wish list?

Giving. That which costs little or nothing has always been what gives me most pleasure to give. Gifts from the heart. Gifts that cost more time than money. I have initiated my new Christmas goals this year ... I am shifting my focus of my gifts. But I am still giving.

Yes. It is time to open myself up to the wonder of the season.

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