Monday, December 12, 2011

‘Twas the Year of Many Things

I have not been able to push myself into the Christmas card mode. What follows, is the 'poem' that will not make it into my Christmas cards this year. Because as the poem clearly depicts ... it seems that the year was 'all about me' ... and this must come to an end.

It was what it was ... and this is the best light-hearted wrap up of the year that I could come up with. My next attempt was titled "2011 - The Year of Living Precariously". That one didn't make it past the fifth paragraph.

As I flip through the pages of the year that has past
I can say without doubt, that the stories are vast!

The New Year looked so bright, so new and so shiny
I leapt towards the future and set goals aplenty.
The first few months, I was checking off all on my list
All was going as planned, nothing was missed.
Best laid plans are sometimes not best
Sometimes life has other plans for you … I’ll leave out the rest.

This year was filled with many grand celebrations
Mom came out to join us for each of the many occasions.
In May I went on a holiday which revolved around friendship
It just so happened that it also involved an Alaskan Cruise Ship!

Upon my return home, there were reunions galore
Nestled safely among friends and family … who could want more?
Turns out, it was me ~
I needed a change in my job destiny.

The transition was rough, the challenges many
The lessons learned? Those are aplenty!

All in all, I would say that it was a pretty good year
2011 – The Year of my Newfound Career.

** To be continued next year …** 

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