Thursday, December 15, 2011

What it Must Feel Like to be Santa's Mom

What do you suppose Santa's mom worries about?

Do you think that she is disappointed about the fact that her son is unemployed for all but one day of the year? Or do you suppose that she focuses on the generosity and joy that he spreads on the night when he makes so many wishes come true?

Does she worry about his heart, his cholesterol and excess weight? Or do you think that she sees that her son is hale, hearty and is comfortable with the body that he has been given?

Is she concerned that fame will go to his head and that he will lose touch with his family as his life is publicly chronicled every year? Or is she pleased that her son's work allows him to balance work and family in a way that works best for them?

Does she judge him for not going completing school or going to university? Or is she grateful for the School of Life that taught him to be self reliant and a self made man who has learned and taught more than formal education ever could have?

Does she wonder if her son is truly happy when the rest of the world has forgotten about him for the better part of a year? Or does she recognize that his happiness must come from within - not from outside sources and the fame that he has acquired?

Is she concerned about all of the milk and cookies he consumes in one night? Does she worry that someone may 'slip a little something' into the refreshments they leave out for him? Or has she recognize the goodness in people and see that they give back in whatever way they can to show their gratitude?

Does she sleep at all on Christmas Eve as she worries about weather conditions, visibility, working long hours without a break on his solo trip around the world? Or does she trust that he will make it home safely as he has done all the years prior ... with Rudolph guiding the way and the rest of his trusted team pulling their weight and his vast amount of experience navigating his sleigh?

Does she judge her son for what he does or doesn't do? Or is she quietly at peace with herself for being a small part of raising someone so selfless, so generous and jolly?

Does she look at her son and see a little of her own father in him? Her brother? Can she see little pieces of all of those who have crossed his path to make him the man he has become? Is she grateful for the challenges that he has overcome to make him into who he is?

I think that Santa's mom must be pretty pleased with the man her son has grown into. Generous of nature, he quietly goes about his life the other 364 days of the year ... and we will never know the quiet impact he is making when we are not watching.

To all of my 'Santa's. This one is for you ...

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  1. That was an award winning blog. You should be making money with your word wizardry. Ever thought of being a daily columnist? You write everyday anyways.