Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Home Moments

The minute I started puttering around in the sandbox, I had my second 'coming home' moment in four days.

You know those moments? The ones that feel absolutely right and like all the stars have realigned? The moments when you start to breathe easier and your thoughts become light and wistful. Moments of deja vu. You've been there before and memories start wafting to the surface.

I haven't enjoyed our backyard for years. I have had nothing to do with the maintenance and the dogs seem to dominate the 'energy' back there.

The paint on the fence is peeling, the deck is rotting and there is so much work to be done. I haven't spent a moments energy in the backyard since my son took over the lawn care and my eyes started glossing over the new reality.

We spent many, many hours in the back yard when I ran my daycare. Kids pent up energy was spent outside and voices drifted up into the clouds and everything seemed easier when we went outside.

I have been replaying the memories of the past and it is good. I like where life is headed ...

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