Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Full Body Work Out

Never in my life have I ever experienced a complete and total body ache the way I have since working at this job. Specifically, doing the 'bread wall' has worked every single muscle in my body.

I lift above my head, stock shelves at every level, carry, push, pull and drag crates of bread taller than myself (I toppled the mountain just once).

Then I go to the freezer and pull the products that we need. These boxes are much heavier than bread and the majority of those that require shuffling are above my head. Pushing, pulling and lifting heavy items is the second part of the shift.

You squeeze in everything else that you can possibly do with 'all the time' in between. Your fine motor skills are put to use as you package product, make garlic bread, slice bread, write on birthday cakes and the list goes on ...

Once I walk in those doors I don't stop. For anything. I find it easier to work through a break than to take one. So I just go until it's time to go home and then I just keep on working. Most days it is about eight or nine hours of constant movement. Who needs a gym membership when you can work for a busy grocery store??

Nothing hurts while I am moving. My feet are tender when I take off my shoes. Once I do stop, getting up from a sitting position takes a few moments.

It is when I wake up in the middle of the night that I realize how uncomfortable my muscles are. From the carpal tunnel tingling in my hands, to my sore neck and shoulders, to my pulsating feet, to each and every muscle that it takes to roll over in the middle of the night. I feel about 100 years old when I roll out of the bed and start moving again.

Every muscle in my body is getting a work out. Every muscle in my body lets me know that it was worked harder than it is used to working the minute I sit still. Every muscle is reminding me that it isn't as elastic as it used to be.

BUT ... every joint in my body is holding up just fine (other than the tension in my neck). For that, I am grateful.

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