Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm Done!

My last four hour shift turned into 4.5 hours. That last half hour just about did me in. I just wanted to get out and put that job behind me. But I had to tie up a few loose ends so I stayed on.

I walked out and waved to no one in particular because there was no one to say good-bye to. I tried to sign out on my time sheet but Saturday's time sheets are always scooped up and gone before I finish work. Those last four hours took all that I had left to give that job and I do want to get paid every penny that I earned. So I made a notation on next weeks time sheets to ensure that I will be paid.

It was a shift like every other. I spun my wheels and tried to accomplish what I was supposed to do but barely made a mark in the uncompleted tasks from the prior shifts. Thankless, unending and no solution in sight.

I'm glad that I'm done.

I washed my uniform for the last time. I showered off my day and it felt wonderful. I climbed into fresh pj's and have purged this day (and this job) from my body and soul.

And ... I finally opened the gift Mom gave me (after she read about me mending my torn sheets). She bought me some brand new sheets!

I did not want to waste the luxury of this gift on a body that was not completely 'cleansed' of all remnants of this last job.

Tonight I will sleep a dreamless sleep. I am on holidays. The best kind of holidays. The holiday where you don't have to return to a job that takes everything you have out of you ... and gives very little in return.

I am done. And I am relieved ... so very, very relieved.

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