Friday, August 17, 2012

The People in My Neighborhood

I have officially been delivering flyers in our neighborhood for a week now.

The first time out, I ran into a neighborhood couple out for a stroll and we stopped to chat for a spell before we headed off in our opposite directions. The next time out, we ran into a family that I used to babysit for. It was great to catch up with them and we had quite a nice little visit as we stood on the sidewalk by their house. Yesterday I ran into another family I babysat for. Ahhh ... it feels so good to be 'home'.

Today's stroll (delivering flyers) was quicker. A wave to the family I talked with yesterday, brief exchanges with people out in their yards. A wave and a greeting for many ... but most of all it is a feeling of belonging once again.

I loved working in my home and walking through the neighborhood with my daycare family. I enjoy an excuse to walk anywhere and the flyer route pays me for that.

I just came home to a message from yet another family member of someone that I used to babysit for. We set up a 'date' to meet for lunch in an hour.

Everywhere I turn, I feel it. A coming home feeling. The life that I led before (running my daycare) is all around me. It is a marvelous feeling of community, friendship and 'family' all around.

I woke up with a few butterflies in my stomach this morning. Have I done the right thing? Is this financially feasible? Can I rekindle what worked before??

Then I walked outside and felt like a part of my community as I did my flyer route. I feel at one with the world again ... as I walked through and chatted with the people in my neighborhood.

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