Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We are slowly but surely going through our home and turning it upside down, inside out and every which way as we turn the upstairs into a daycare zone once again.

Toys now reside where our T.V. used to take up space in our living room. The living room has evolved from a cozy television-watching &/or conversational nook into a wide open space with room to move and play.

My Youngest is moving downstairs. His old room is 80% emptied and he had to remove a lot of the excess out of his new room before he could move down. He put in a lot of productive hours yesterday.

The excess is collecting in (what used to be) the playroom downstairs. I'm certain that my Middle Son could empty that room in no time flat. The overflow mainly consists of things to give away, garbage and in a word ... excess. That which we do not need.

We found one thing that we were not expecting as we moved. Water.

My Youngest found it (first) in his new closet. This is located in the middle of a room, no where near a water source. It was a mysterious find. Until ... I found a puddle in the laundry room adjacent to My Youngest's new room. Luckily my Middle Son was home by this time and he not only found more water, but he found the source of our troubles. The drainage for our air conditioning had a blockage so it found an alternate route for the water to go. Thus our mini-flood.

My Son cleared the blockage, vacuumed up the water and investigated where to go from here as I vacuumed the excessive water in My Youngest's room and set up the dehumidifier. We found more wet carpet in his new room so his move-in-date has been slightly delayed, pending dry carpets.

The amazing thing? This water was located in areas that we would have not stumbled upon for heaven-only-knows-how-long, had we not turned our house upside down and inside out as we prepared for all of the changes around here. We know for a fact that the air conditioner was draining properly a few days ago because both My Son & I noticed the puddle by the drain in the laundry room. So this water problem was new.

I thank my lucky stars for so many things. The excuse to turn this house upside down and locate this problem. My Youngest for finding the problem in the first place. My Middle Son for saving the day and fixing the problem for me! And the fact that this had not been going on for weeks on end.

As we continue to wade through areas that we have not had a reason to touch for the past three years (or more), I wonder what else we will find ...

Sometimes a little upheaval can be a good thing.

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