Saturday, September 1, 2012

2:12 a.m. and All is Well ...

My Youngest decided to come along with me to run a quick errand and then pick up an ice cream & a drink at McDonald's (you've gotta love those $1.00 drinks!!) while we were out.

This was my order:
  • One medium ice cream cone
  • One medium ice cream in a dish
  • One medium iced tea
  • One medium vanilla iced coffee
This is what we got:

My ice cream cone was already devoured before we got home and took this photo
 The girl handed us two ice cream cones (slightly melted already) and I said that we had asked for one of those in the dish. This is what we got:
My Youngest & I looked at each other in wonder but were distracted because we got double the drink order that we asked for. This was the girl's reply, "Well, that is what the receipt said!" I responded, "But that is not what we ordered". Her answer? "It says you did ..." Me: "I asked for only 2 drinks" Her: "Well do you want your money back then?"

I was so taken aback by her answers and the fact that the line-up at the drive thru was waiting behind us, that I thought to myself that it wasn't worth the argument. The drinks were cheap. So we left. My Youngest said, "I didn't even get a spoon for my ice cream ..."

The service was so bad that we simply laughed. And laughed some more as we looked at the ice cream cone that she plunked into a dish. What else could you do??

Then we got home, took these pictures for posterity (and good story telling props) then went on about our business.

A few minutes later, My Youngest wandered up to me and asked, "Did you ask for a Coke?? ... because this is either a Coke or a Diet Coke". Sure enough. It was. My Youngest doesn't like Coke. I do. But I already had double the iced coffee that I had ordered. But Coke goes flat ... so I drank it first.

Here it is .... now 2: 24 a.m. ... and I'm still wide awake.

Thanks McDonald's! I deserved a break today ... but a little sleep would be nice to go along with that.

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