Monday, September 10, 2012


My Youngest asked to use the computer this morning. 'No problem', I thought (well, actually I groaned "Ughh" and growled a little bit first and thought 'no problem' a few seconds later), 'I can use my netbook...'

That was approximately 45 minutes ago.

I signed onto my Netbook and every program or website I opened took minutes to open (verses the seconds that I have grown accustomed to). This mini computer is moves as slow as molasses and every little thing is takes forever.

Finally I was at a point where I could either write my mom's weekly letter ... or start writing a blog post ... and the mouse stopped working.

This happens sporadically with this computer. All I have to do is shut down the computer with all of the programs open ... which means the start up process is even slower as it tells me that programs were shut down unexpectedly and asks if I want to go back to where I was when everything crashed on me.

Again, on most computers this message and the extra clicking required to get back to where you want to be would take seconds. This economy mini laptop is slow. So back I went to the waiting process as I got various messages about this, that and the other thing.

Which means that my original blog post theme has left the building. I am sitting in the kitchen. My legs are curled up underneath me because I am too short to effectively type at the computer at the kitchen table (I really need a booster seat). I am sitting too close to the radio and the music is distracting me (yes, I could turn it off but music makes me happy). And the clock is ticking oh-too-quickly and my first arrival of the day is due to walk in the door in minutes.

I am a creature of habit. I have a morning routine that works for me. I can be flexible. But this morning everything is moving in slow motion (except the clock).

I laid in bed wide awake and ready to get up a half hour before the alarm went off this morning. I finally got up 15 minutes early. I think I am going to go and reset the alarm and get up that half hour earlier tomorrow morning.

I love the quiet of the morning. I don't like sharing that time too much. A little bit? Okay. Just don't ask me to give up my morning computer time. It throws me a little out of whack.

I have been displaced this morning. The words don't want to flow from the busy-ness of the kitchen. There is too much going on in this room.

I'll be back when it's quiet. But for now, I'm going to reset my alarm. I need to carve out a little bit of extra quiet time for myself in the morning.

It's all so easy ... because even though my morning has gone a little bit askew, it just doesn't matter. Because I'm working from home. I will find 'my time' later on today. Quiet time has returned to my life. I missed quiet time.

Adding a little bit of quiet time to your day can restart the day. This little computer is not the only thing that is moving a little sluggish this morning. Rebooting the computer did the trick. I am thinking that a morning walk and a dose of quiet time will do the trick for me.

I love working from home. Rebooting, restarting a little bit of quiet and surrounded in all that comforts me makes everything so easy.

I feel better already.

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