Thursday, September 6, 2012

Settling In

We are two days into our fall transformations and now I am looking towards the rest of our tomorrows ...

My Youngest has had two out of two good days into the initiation process at his new high school. The bus ride no longer seems daunting to him, as he met up with a friend at the bus stop and immediately realized that he would not be alone in this. He had his first lunch hour at school "... and boy! Did it seem long!!..." He found a friend to eat with and tagged along with people that he knew afterwards to pass the time. Homework is in the air but the deadlines are in the future ... so far, so good in that respect. His official first day of classes went well.

In my daycare world, Day #2 went well ... but my kids are bored and I do hope that we find some friends for them very soon. It is all good and well to check out the new toys and get the lay of the land in your new day home ... but a day is quite enough of that. Now it is time to bring in some friends!

We made the transitions. The initial days are going well. All is as good as can be expected. But I seem to have my eye on the future now. What will it bring? How can grow through the process and make this the best it can be?

We are settling into our new lives with our eye on the future ...

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