Monday, September 24, 2012

Sister Time

We enjoyed our semi-somewhat-annual(ish) Sister Sleepover weekend. And it was great!

It seems like only yesterday, when my sisters had to come to my house for these weekends because my children were young and I couldn't stray away from home for too long. Now? I can quite easily arrange to step away from my life-at-home for a day.

We visited amongst ourselves (on our newly built deck) in the back yard. We went out for supper. We came home and settled in the living room until exhaustion set in. We woke up and had breakfast. There were very few moments that our sister-time was interrupted.

There was a time when stepping out for adult-time to enjoy our Sister Supper was a highly anticipated event when we had these sleepovers. This time? There was little contrast between visiting at home and going out for supper.

The dynamics are changing a little, as my family is growing up and needs so much less of me.

I have been spreading my wings and enjoying this freedom for a few years now. As much as I love where I am at, I can appreciate how far my family is grown. There will soon come a time when no one 'needs' me ...

Oddly, I find that idea a little bit disconcerting.

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