Friday, October 12, 2012

A Chapter Worthy Day

I have started 'A Book About Our Days at Daycare' for my daycare family. A book full of pictures of the kids, stories about our days, what we see and what is important and interesting to my daycare family. Within our first four weeks, we had amassed six chapters. Then I started up my daycare blog for my families and my energy got diverted to that. I haven't written a chapter for two weeks now. It is time ...

This week has had been 'the best of days ... and the worst of days ...' all wrapped up into a three day time span.

The natives are getting restless. We are spending too much time indoors. One negative behaviour is bringing the house down...

Our daycare days have gone from calm, happy and uplifting ... to a place where whining 'wins'. Parents are noticing the change in their children when they go home at nights. I am not loving the side of me that is coming out with this negativeness in the air.

Today we are going to focus on that which is good. I am going to go snap-happy and take pictures. All day. We are going to create a most wonderful day and add that chapter (literally) to our Daycare Book.

I am going to write this day in my head as we go along. I will do my best to script and choreograph a most wonderful day. I am planning this in advance. I can see it. I know that what goes down in history for our book must be happy and uplifting. So that is the kind of day that we are going to have today!

We can't undo yesterday. Today is a fresh slate and we have the chance for a do-over.

That is a gift that each and every one of us has, when we wake up to a brand new day. Another chance to make the day the best it can be. Most days are a lot of the same old, same old. But if we open up our eyes to a day and decide from the onset, that it will be a day worth remembering ... we are opening up the opportunity to create a Chapter Worthy Day.

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