Monday, October 22, 2012

Impossible Things

I have belabored the fact (far too many times) that the past year was a tough one. The decision to change my career path and determination to make it work took a lot of energy. The concern about the effect on my budget was another source of ongoing stress. Getting up each morning and not knowing what I was going to face was exhausting, stressful, annoying ... and invigorating.

Suddenly ... I find my life lacking something. It has become ... easy. I have stopped goal-setting. I have found a sense of peace and security in working from home again ... but is that enough?

I can't believe that I am saying this ... but I miss the feeling of confronting a tough day, enduring it and coming out the other side victorious. Last year was full of those days. I may not have enjoyed the feeling at the onset of the day, but achieving Impossible Things was something that I had to do. It was part of my job description. I hated it. But I needed it.

I thrive on setting my sights on 'Impossible Things' and taking the necessary steps to achieve what I'm after. There is a small adrenaline rush that occurs when you achieve those Impossible Things.

I need to start setting some new goals. Perhaps I will start by making one of those hard-to-make-phone-calls. Then I will start dealing with some Unfinished Business - a project that has been haunting me for three years. I will write a note or card to a few people. I will send off an email or two.

I will interject a piece of myself into this day. I will not just endure it.

Yes, I will spend my day sitting on the floor with my one and two year old Daycare Family. But I can fill the cracks of the day at hand by doing something that fuels me. I will start small ... but I will do something. I need to set some Possible Goals before I get too zealous and start shooting for the moon.

I may not move mountains today, but it is my goal to do at least six Impossible Things before lunch ... (maybe supper).

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