Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happiness is in the Moment You Are In

Life is sending me little messages everywhere I look.

An inspirational email that spoke of the topic of happiness. And if you cannot be happy in the moment you are in, you will not find it when you stumble across a financial windfall ... or when you retire ... or when you go on a vacation. Happiness is now. Within you. Every moment. It is not what happens to you ... it is how you choose to react to it.

Another message that was short and sweet. It said to "Stop Worrying". "Yes ... 'you'!" It was as if someone read my mind at that very moment. I am letting everything pile up. I am worrying. I know worrying is a waste of energy. But I'm doing it anyway. It is time to do what is within my power to do. And to stop worrying. Now!

I found myself wallowing in the negativity of the moment yesterday. It was a half hour after lunch. Lunch, clean-up and 'after lunch digestion' takes a lot of time and energy. More so, when you have a two year old in the mid-phases of toilet training. I read the signs and knew he 'had to go'. He didn't. After some time we gave up on that moment. Then minutes later ... he 'went'. And it wasn't where he was supposed 'to go'. Aaaack!

I plunked myself down in the middle of the living room floor and started picking up a few toys before I put the kids down for their naps. I was quite likely pouting. I was not exuding an aura of happiness.

Then my little one-year-old sat down beside me and then twisted her body so that she was face to face with me and said, "Hi!" This little girl lights up my world. Her heart felt, eye-to-eye "Hi!" changed the way I saw the world at that moment. Then? She leaned in and gave me one of her famous bear hugs. Then another. And another.

There is nothing like surrounding yourself with one and two year olds to remind you that happiness is in the moment that you are in. And the magic of a hug.

Yes ... I am where I am meant to be right now. I need not worry about life's minor inconveniences. They all work out in the end. The big stuff is in making the little stuff matter.

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