Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

My Youngest and I went to see a movie this afternoon ("Here Comes the Boom" ~ a most excellent movie for all ages ~ it made my day!) and we came home to find my Second Son baking these:

Christmas Day is exactly one month away. It crossed my mind this morning, that I should bring out the lights today and at least light up the house in a Christmas sort of way. The lights at Christmas time are my favorite part of the decorations.

They say one's true character is shown by the way one handles tangled Christmas lights. How about plugging in said lights, only to find out that they don't work?

There are many, many years when that would have pushed me over the edge. I would have thrown the lights in the garbage with a gusto, closed up the boxes and stomped off.

But the sight of my son's baking and the aromas coming from the kitchen made the difference. I perservered and eventually I came up with this:

It only made sense to balance out the room with some lights in the opposite corner ... so a little while later, that other corner looked like this:

You will note that our two-foot tree nearly touches the ceiling. My young daycare family was most definitely in my mind as I put anything glittery and pretty out on display. Certainly this will keep curious hands away from temptation. It looked even better when it got dark outside:

I really had no intention of going any further but I took the China cabinet apart one shelf at a time ... and little by little, bit by bit ... it ended up looking like this:

Then I turned on my angels as they sit in their place of honor on the computer desk. May they watch over my shoulder and help me focus on the beauty of the season ...

One month until Christmas ... may you find a way to make your season bright.

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