Monday, November 19, 2012

It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Some weekends stand out from the rest. It can't be planned or expected ... but when it happens without design you just sit back and enjoy the ride. This past weekend was exactly that.

I tended to that-which-needed-to-be-tended Friday night. From delivering flyers, to grocery shopping; to cleaning the house and doing laundry. By the time I sat down to enjoy the moment at the end the day, I could barely stay awake to enjoy it. But in those few conscious moments that I had I thought to myself, "If I accomplish nothing else this weekend ... I have done enough."

I woke up to a perfect Saturday. A morning with My Son; and (with My Son's assistance) an afternoon tending to that one last item on my Odds & Ends list; delivering papers (the last item on my to-do-list for the weekend); then going out to a movie and refreshments with a friend.

Sunday morning quickly arrived and I was anticipating the lunch date I had with another friend when the doorbell rang and the next thing I knew, I was on the receiving end of a 'cheesecake delivery'. As I was getting ready to go out for lunch, the phone rang and the next thing I knew, I had supper plans. I came home from supper and found an email message from a friend so I replied to that message with a phone call.

One thing led seamlessly to the next. Each visit, outing, encounter was positive and uplifting. Ties with good friends were strengthened. I could fully savor and enjoy each visit without worrying about a clock ticking the time away and being committed to anything that interfered with the moment that I was in.

It was one of those weekends where an unexpected gift was around every corner. The gift of friendship. The gift of family. The gift of living in the moment with childlike innocence and feeling 'it just doesn't get better than this'. And then it does.

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