Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just Plain Thankful ...

I awoke to find positive, uplifting messages where ever I looked.

Today is Thanksgiving for our southern neighbors so it was not surprising to find my daily inspirational message was one of a thankful sort. It was different than most because it dwelled on the fact that every day should be one of thanks. Not just once a year. Perhaps (they suggested) we should have an unthankful day if we are just going to devote one day out of every 365 to focus on it. And be grateful for the 364 remaining days. Good point.

I eventually found my way to Facebook (where I sit back and lurk) and found people from all corners of my (Canadian) world putting a voice to their gratefulness. From sitting in front of a fireplace wrapping presents ... to finding a loonie already in a shopping cart ... to being thankful for honest people out there ... to a montage of security videos that have captured the goodness in our world.

Even before I stumbled across a morning that was filled with gratitude, it was my plan to write a post about 'service with a smile' and recap the various incidents that I have come upon in my quest to take care of the Odds & Ends around here. 

Unfortunately my newly 'fixed' computer is preventing me from moving at an efficient speed (I started this post a half hour ago and the computer keeps freezing and preventing me from moving about various windows as I have tried to add various links to this post). I am certain that there is a lesson on the pitfalls of multitasking to be learned from my computer's refusal to work on more than one task at a time. So I guess in a roundabout way I will find a way to be grateful for the inability to accomplish what I set out to do before my Daycare Family arrive this morning.

But for now, I will wrap up this post with the video that our local radio station posted on their Facebook page this morning:

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today, tomorrow and always...

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