Thursday, December 13, 2012


Two unconnected souls meet and start a conversation. There is a relationship built upon the circumstances where you meet.

There are many dynamics between people that you meet at work. Co-workers ... employee/supervisor ... trainee/trainer. When you are blessed, you forge a friendship that goes beyond the workplace. I call them my keep-forever-friends. The ones that come with along with me when I leave a place of employment.

As time goes on, if we are very, very lucky ... those keep-forever friends become so much more. A sister without the blood ties. A kindred spirit. Confidences are shared. Trust is built. Support wavers back and forth as life doles out its lessons. Laughter and joy are as big a part of what works between friends as the heart ache and pain. The yin. The yang. The give. The take. It becomes as natural as breathing as the years go on ...

I moved to our New City when I was 27 years old. That sounds young now (25 years later), but at the ripe old age of 27, I thought that I had already made the best friends that I would ever know. Little did I know that the best was yet to come.

The first years that I lived here, I relied on family and old friends with shared history to walk with me along the way. Oh ... how I missed having friends that 'knew all about me, and liked me anyway'. I searched for those friends and ached to start forging friendships that mirrored those that I had moved away from. That which you actively seek sometimes eludes you. It is when you are sitting back and just being who you are ... that seeds of friendship are planted.

I have been beyond blessed. Words cannot do justice to the strong and lasting friendships that have been formed throughout the years.

I have one particular friend who 'taught' me how to be a better friend. I watched, learned and listened to the quietness of her friendship as she saw deep into the person that she spoke to and responded to the inner voice of that person. She gave without thought or reservation. She put a voice to the positive within a person and those around her became more of who they were ... because of the intuitive insight within this person. She nurtures the seeds of greatness that are already within the people that she meets. I have become better than I used to be ... because of this friendship.

My friend needs her friends right now and I am so afraid that I will not be enough. She has been a great teacher and I feel that through our friendship and growth that I have what I need within me ... to be the friend that she needs right now. I hope it is enough ...

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