Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Off to Sleep ...

On Monday, I found out that I needed to follow up on my at-home-sleep-test at the overnight sleep lab. My life insurance will more than double next year when it comes up for renewal if I have absolutely ANY health issues that are under investigation. So ... I called to ask if I could be put on the cancellation list for this test (the waiting list is about two years).

Tuesday... they called to say that they had a cancellation on Wednesday.

There is nothing like being told that you have to be somewhere by 8:00 p.m.; sleep over; and be available for the next morning to create a little fire under a person.

I picked up the phone to see if I could make arrangements (with my daycare families and arrange for someone to be here for me) to have this test done. Five phone calls later, I was 'in'.

I woke up this morning knowing that I had much to do, with limited time to do it. And I did it. I did it all.

Why can't I be this ambitious every day?!??!???

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